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Templeton World Charity Foundation gets a fresh new brand identity

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Templeton World Charity Foundation is a global non-profit foundation that promotes scientific and spiritual progress through open-minded and scholarly inquiry in a wide range of fields. Seeking to re-orient the brand and minimize confusion among its sister philanthropies, TWCF enlisted Praytell to design and implement a fresh new brand identity for the organization and its various program themes.

Our Solution

We approached the multi-faceted creative challenge from the top down, designing a broad, universal identity system to inform the creation of several unique sub-themes. For the master TWCF logo, we created the signature butterfly symbol to illustrate the crossroads of science and spirituality and evoke the essence of discovery, linking all of TWCF’s innovative studies. We designed the brand color palette to reflect the tropical location of the organization’s headquarters while communicating the duality of science and spirituality by exploring visual polarities (white & black, blue & gold).


What started as a simple brand identity consultation developed into a creative partnership with our design, video and strategy teams. In addition to our ID work, we also provided TWCF with fast-turn video production and website design services to relaunch the master brand and its sub-themes, flexing all kinds of creative muscle in the process… Not too bad for a PR agency.

“The level of enthusiasm and positive engagement is amazing. You and your colleagues made the bulk of this work possible... I can’t wait to collaborate more with you going forward.”

Michael Bloom, TWCF

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