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The Most Anticipated Launch of CES

We helped Samsung Introduce Artificial Humans at CES 2020

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Samsung’s incubator team at STAR LABS had been brewing up breakthrough artificial human technology for the past six months and was ready to share a first look with the world. Using CES as their stage, we were tasked with unveiling a potentially-polarizing new product in the early stages of development.

Our Solution

Our plan was simple: build excitement and intrigue leading up to CES with strategic teases and information on social, followed by widespread launch day outreach to build on the pre-show momentum. On day one of CES, we executed a packed keynote unveiling moment with STAR LABS CEO Pranav Mistry, followed by every major TV and digital media outlet requesting an interview. We quickly organized interviews with priority media and monitored coverage sentiment in real-time to make sure messaging was spot-on.


NEON became “the most anticipated launch of CES” as USA Today put it, capturing the imagination of attendees and consumers around the world and setting the stage for the company’s first partnership to come this year.

10k+ Booth Visitors
1k+ Media Placements
5.5B Media Impressions

“Neon, the super-realistic digitally simulated avatar, had taken CES2020 by storm”


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