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Home in a New Light

Praytell delivered a strategic influencer campaign to launch the Noon brand and generate product awareness.

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To gain awareness during the launch of Noon’s smart home lighting system, we tapped 10 influencers from the home design and technology verticals. The tech-centric influencers would help to spearhead an early adopters push while those focused on home design content would show the ease of use and the attractive Room Director. Contracted content included YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram Stories and Instagram Photo/Video.

Our Solution

Along with a dramatic lift in followers for the brand handle, we saw thousands of link clicks driven to the Noon website. Video viewership and impression KPIs far surpassed projected target metrics. Top performers were subsequently tapped to engage in a new, always-on program to continue the momentum.


The program drove a great amount of engagement with 45,556 likes, shares and comments. Instagram Stories were an incredibly effective traffic driver with 6,663 swipe-ups to the Noon landing page. YouTube views far surpassed projections with over 256,000 views (and counting).

45,556 Likes, Shares & Comments
6,663 Swipe-ups to the Noon Landing Page
256k + Views on Youtube

“I partnered with @NoonHome and got their light switch installed and connected to my current lighting system and boy am I loving the technology behind their light switch! ”


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