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Last year, Praytell was tasked with getting teens to take action on an issue they’ve grown tired of hearing about: HIV. This year, we tackled driving authentic conversation around the civil rights issue of the decade: the transgender rights movement.

Our Solution

We made two documentaries. That’s right — we made two movies, in-house. The first, It’s Not Over, debuted on Netflix, chronicling the lives of young people with HIV. Our second film, More Than T — directed by Silas Howard of Transparent — just debuted on Showtime with a special series on Refinery29. We leveraged both to garner widespread earned media with multiple press pulses that sparked important cultural conversations with MAC and its CSR work at the center.


Together, the film projects drove 420+ stories with 615 million impressions from USA Today to Teen Vogue, Glamour, Refinery29, Bustle, Fast Company and HuffPost. And to date, the brand has seen a 142% increase in conversations tying MAC Cosmetics to its CSR work, winning Bulldog’s “Best Cause Campaign” and driving VIVA GLAM sales to boot. Talk about content with purpose!

615m Impressions
142% Increase in Conversions
420+ Stories

“More Than T is not here to teach cis people how to empathize with trans folks. It's not here to make trans people palatable. It's not here to make concessions or to explain. It's here because transgender people are already here. We've been here all along.”

James Loke Hale, Bustle

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