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Field Goal Challenge

We Newsjacked the Biggest NFL Fail of the Season

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The Chicago Bears lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in what was dubbed, “the double doink of the season,” where the game-winning field goal hit the goalpost not once, but twice. Yikes. The city of Chicago was devastated and directed frustration toward kicker, Cody Parkey. To us, it presented the perfect moment for Goose Island to engage the community and show some compassion for Cody.

Our Solution

Introducing the ‘Field Goal Challenge’ for all those “armchair kickers” at home to see if they could make the attempted 43-yard field goal. In under 24 hours, the challenge was launched on Twitter complete with an IRL activation outside the Goose Island Taproom in the dead of winter that let 100 Bears fans show off their best attempt to make the field goal.. Spoiler: none were successful. Doubling down with full-court press media outreach, contestant updates and more, this home team moment became a media frenzy.


We drove 800+ media placements and 2 billion earned impressions in under a week from People to The New York Times to late-night show features, not to mention UGC videos that went viral showcasing just how hard a job Cody Parkey really had. The activation succeeded in creating empathy among Bears fans, and ultimately stealing the show for Goose Island.

800+ Media Placements
2B Earned Impressions
100 Field Goals Attempted

“Goose Island Promises a Year of Free Beer to Anyone Who Can Make Goal Missed by Bears Kicker.”

People Magazine

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