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"The Gold Standard"

We created an always-on social content engine for Can-Am in support of their new Ryker vehicle.

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In late 2018, Can-Am released a new 3W motorcycle called the Ryker. As a complement to the wildly successful Spyder, the Ryker was designed to attract a more youthful, urban and adventurous audience. Our goal for 2019 was to support the first full year of Ryker by attracting new audiences, fueling the brand’s IG content engine and serving as key influencer support to hip-hop superstars Migos at the celebrity level.

Our Solution

Create brand awareness on social through year-long engagements with 11 influencers inclusive of content creation and various branded touchpoints with events and group rides. We assembled our cast by identifying creators across a diverse range of interests and identities, with the goal of speaking to a broad audience who was new to riding.

Influencers were briefed to create at least 1 piece of Instagram content per month over the course of the year. To enrich their experience and our messaging over the course of the program, we activated two fully-immersive brand experiences and group rides, as well as a women-focused ride in LA called Ride As You Are. RAYA was a rallying cry to kick off the brand’s 2020 dedication: opening up the road to all.


Within BRP, Can-Am’s parent and manufacturing company, our 2019 effort is referred to as “the gold standard” in influencer activation. Unique experiences and brand touchpoints for the influencers helped create a sense of camaraderie and community around the Ryker, and the over 500 pieces of content helped the Can-Am team grow their IG presence by over 16k followers, a 27% increase since the start of our activation.

11m Actual Social Impressions
500+ Pieces of Content
750k Engagements

“The 2019 Can-Am Ryker influencer campaign was one of the most energizing and well integrated collaboration I've ever been a part of.”

Alen Palander, Commercial Photographer and Influlencer

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