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Elevating Craft Beer

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After acquiring a series of craft breweries, Anheuser-Busch was thrust into the spotlight. Industry enthusiasts were troubled by the entrance of the world’s largest brewer into a category known for thinking small and local. To help communicate its intentions, we built Elevate, a corporate social responsibility campaign. Bringing Elevate to life through a series of impactful actions was the next step—and first up was a focus on diversity & inclusion.

Our Solution

Stock imagery is an essential tool for designers, journalists, marketers and more, but in reality, royalty-free sites tend to be overrun by low-quality images that fail to reflect the diversity of folks who drink beer. Acting as a catalyst for change, we launched our first iteration of stock imagery in partnership with Pexels and Unsplash in 2018 to capture gender and racially diverse imagery that more accurately represents the multi-faceted craft beer community and culture. In 2019 we expanded our program to include beer drinkers with diverse abilities.


Our widespread outreach resulted in a curtain-raiser story in The Takeout, promptly followed by features in Vinepair, Food & Wine, Eater, Uproxx, The Mighty, and more. Our images have been viewed over 104MM times, and our earned coverage generated over 159MM unique impressions. What’s more, this repository of high-quality, free imagery brings us one step closer towards a more dynamic future for the craft industry.

100% Positive Sentiment
104M Image Views
113M Unique Media Impressions

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