Larry Pray, Andy's dad, gave us this painting of a lighthouse early on in our journey together.
With it, he offered these words:

When companies are wondering what to do, they need to head for the lighthouse. Such a lighthouse is off the shore of Popham Beach in Maine, where you first touched water. I wanted Praytell to have a painting that showed an in-motion ocean banging against something solid, with the light of a new day in the distance. This is what Praytell is all about. Lost? Give us a call. Caught in a storm? Give us a call. We're here to help, we're in this together, you can count on us.

Since that day, back in a tiny shared office space in DUMBO, the painting has served as a gentle reminder to us all. To put service first. To stand the test of time. Be the first to shine in the dark, the first to greet folks to shore. A light that stands for something strong and true.

Here's to the gentle daily reminders that matter, especially amidst crashing waves.